Privacy Policy

Middle Creek Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Animal Clinic in Raleigh, NC

Here is the privacy policy for Middle Creek Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Animal Clinic (hereafter, MCVH) as of April 1, 2024). We are committed to protecting your personal information: we will only collect, use and disclose the information necessary for the services we provide.

What Information is Protected?

MCVH will protect all of the personal information you have provided us in ours ystems and office.

What Information We Collect and Use:

To offer the services we do, we need to be able to:

  • Verify customer identities
  • Collect billing information and preferences
  • Pursue collections as needed
  • Send email reminders
  • Request reviews for MCVH
  • Make referrals to specialists or labs

We are required by law to comply with all applicable laws and by-laws for our veterinary practice. If we are ordered by law to disclose information, we will have to comply with the law. These are the sole uses of your personal information. We do not share or sell our mailing lists, and will not disclose your information in any other way without your prior consent.

Sources of Your Personal Information

  • From you when you become a client at our hospital
  • From reporting agencies (i.e. local humane societies, public health authorities)

Your Consent

Your consent is required before collecting, using, or disclosing your personal information, except as required by law. Exceptions to getting your consent are uncommon, but they include police investigations, cruelty investigations, and any other situations permitted and required by law.

How Do You Provide Us with Your Consent?

  • Your signature as provided on a specific “Consent” document
  • Your written, verbal, or implied consent obtained during an appointment
  • Your consent as provided by persons authorized by you to make decisions on your behalf


MCVH will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and current. We appreciate your participation in updating us.


MCVH shall:

  • Safeguard and protect all personal information under its control by maintaining appropriate security measures for the level of sensitivity of the information.
  • Ensure that its employees keep all personal information confidential and comply with our hospital’s security standards.
  • Require that third parties to whom personal information is disclosed have committed to an appropriate level of security (possibly even execution of a confidentiality covenant) in the protection of such information.
  • Destroy or dispose of personal information, when no longer needed, in a way that prevents third-party access or misuse.


MCVH will make specific information about our privacy policies and procedures available to any interested individual. MCVH will facilitate access to its personal information policies and procedures, including the identity of our Privacy Officer. MCVH will also ensure that individuals are able to gain access to their own personal information.

Individual Access to Personal Information

MCVH’s pet owner clients will be informed of our personal information policy. Pet owner clients can ask to view their information for accuracy and amend it as needed.

MCVH will respond promptly when one of our pet owner clients requests access to his or her personal information.

MCVH will maintain a full record of all third parties to whom personal information has been disclosed and will make this record available to the individuals involved upon request.

Questions and Concerns Regarding Compliance with this Policy

An individual providing personal information to MCVH may address any questions, concerns or complaints to the Privacy Officer. MCVH will establish a procedure for processing any complaint about this personal information policy to ensure that all complaints are dealt with in an objective, fair and effective manner.

Contact Information for Privacy Issues

Middle Creek Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Animal Clinic
Attn: Dr. Eliza Swan, Privacy Officer
Phone (919) 773-1043