Pet Insurance

At Middle Creek Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Animal Clinic, we believe that pet insurance can be helpful for a lot of families. It can provide peace of mind and be an invaluable safeguard for your pets’ health by helping cover the costs of veterinary care without unexpected expenses. Pet insurance can also help you to feel confident that you are doing the best by your companion by removing the roadblocks and allowing you to pursue the best possible veterinary care for them.


Is Pet Insurance Right For You?

The short answer is “most of the time, yes.” Our pets have a tendency to incur costs in “chunks,” making it difficult if your family is on a tight budget. This is true whether you acquire a new animal family member or yours is starting to get older. Pet emergencies are especially likely to be high-expense situations and can force pet owners to make difficult decisions based on costs. Pet insurance can alleviate some of this burden and allow you the financial freedom to focus on what’s important: your pet’s health.

Coverage for Dogs, Cats, and Exotic Pets

At Middle Creek, we recommend Trupanion or Nationwide pet insurance. Both of these companies offer a variety of plans for dogs and cats. Nationwide, at the time of this writing, also offers coverage for birds, reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, amphibians, and other species. If you have any questions or need help navigating the massive amount of information, we are happy to help!

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Similar to health insurance in humans, pet insurance has an abundance of choices at varying price points. The two primary categories for coverage are “wellness” and “illness.” Some plans cover both, and some will only cover one or the other, so have an idea of which you want before you start searching. Pet insurance plans may include coverage for anything from veterinary exams, vaccines, diagnostic testing, medications, and surgeries to hospitalization. Companies may also customize insurance to suit your pet’s specific needs or provide wellness/routine care as an optional add-on to cover preventative care such as dental care, spaying, neutering, vaccines, etc. We suggest taking your time to research and evaluate several plans, as each policy is unique in its coverage, exclusions, and/or limitations.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

Some companies will cover certain pre-existing conditions, and some won’t. Other insurers offer coverage for particular needs or conditions after a waiting period. When shopping for insurance plans, consider your pet’s medical history and what you wish an insurance plan to cover. If you can’t find information on your own or in a quote, a representative from a pet insurance conpany should be able to explain how their company handles pre-existing conditions.

How to Get Pet Insurance

Getting insurance should be a simple process. You can start by researching reputable insurance providers and comparing their plans. Our veterinarians and staff recommend Trupanion or Nationwide, but many other options exist. You should be able to get several quotes specific for your pet. Consider factors such as coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement rates. Once you find a company you like, you’ll submit an application– usually including in-depth information about your pet and their medical history. The waiting time for you to find out if the company has accepted your pet for insurance will vary.