Comprehensive Pet
Wellness Exams

After our pets pass the growth milestones and become adults, it’s easy to lose track of time. We tend to get into the routine of daily life and sometimes miss visual cues that they need to see their veterinarian. Because of this and the fact that many of our pets are masters of disguise, it is important to bring your animal family members in to see us once to twice a year for a comprehensive pet wellness examination. Especially since many of our pets’ lifespans are shorter than we would like, pet wellness exams are necessary to ensure your pet lives their best life for as long as possible!

Routine Pet Wellness Examinations

When thinking about how we show our pets love, helping them maintain their best health is just as important as food, affection, or playtime. Instinctively, most animals hide any outward signs of discomfort or illness because showing weakness in nature could be detrimental to their life.

This can result in their behavioral changes being so slight that they don’t show us that our pet isn’t well. Being proactive in animal health and longevity includes annual or biannual diagnostic and wellness checkups to ensure these small signs do not go unseen.

Why are Pet Wellness Exams Important?

First, routinely scheduled pet wellness exams are important because most pet species have shorter lifespans than humans. Take the age-old saying that every dog year equals seven human years. Even if you take your dog to the vet once a year, that’s the same as seeing your human doctor once every seven years. Most human physicians would disagree with such a sporadic wellness program for their patients. In small exotic mammals like rats, their maximum lifespan rarely exceeds four years, making routine wellness exams even more critical for their overall health.

Second, as with humans, advancing age increases the risk of developing ailments such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hormone disorders, kidney dysfunction, or liver problems. By staying vigilant with regular wellness checkups, it is easier to detect and address these issues early. This helps to keep medical costs down and gives your pet the chance of a longer and fuller life.

What Happens During a Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exam?

Our veterinarian will perform a comprehensive physical examination from nose to tail. Throughout the exam, the veterinarian will use their hands, eyes, ears, and even nose to evaluate as much of your pet’s body and physical condition as possible. In their mind’s eye, they will simultaneously compare what they find in your pet with a “normal” creature of the same species to identify any abnormalities.

To gain further insight into your pet’s health, we will likely recommend a diagnostic workup afterward. This may include testing your pet’s blood, urine, and feces (POOP!) parasites, screening for underlying diseases, and obtaining a deeper understanding of their health. During most of these visits, we may administer necessary vaccinations or preventive treatments to protect your pet.

As your pet approaches his or her senior years, we highly recommend collecting this information to use as a baseline so we’ll know what’s normal for your pet if things start to change. This allows us to track “trends” in lab results, which can help us to predict a disease that hasn’t even started showing symptoms. We can use this baseline to monitor any changes or warning signs effectively.

During or after the exam, our veterinarian will make recommendations to maintain or improve your pet’s overall health. These might include preventative dental care, changes to husbandry or care, or treatment for conditions discovered during the visit.

What Else Can You Do to Improve Your Pet’s Health?

Because you spend the most time with them, you are your pet’s greatest advocate. You know his or her routine and behavior better than anyone, and your insight can provide invaluable information that helps us accurately diagnose and treat them. If you’ve noticed any recent physical or behavioral changes in your pet, please let us know as soon as possible.

Take the first step towards ensuring your pet’s lifelong health by scheduling a pet wellness exam. Our team is committed to providing your pet comprehensive care and a healthy, happy life. Call us today to schedule!