Avian History Form

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  • Cage Environment

  • Diet

  • Patient Examination and Restraint Consent Form

    Birds are very different from our domesticated pets. They often instinctively hide their symptoms until disease has progressed much farther than we would guess by simply observing them. For example, a bird that just began fluffing up in his cage yesterday or has just stopped eating or talking, may be found to be quite emaciated due to chronic disease upon handling. A less than optimal diet (i.e. seed/nut only diets) can contribute profoundly to a bird’s health status. It is not uncommon for birds to have illnesses without any outward symptoms at all.

    Some degree of restraint is required for proper examination and treatment of all birds. Birds can become very stressed while being handled and restrained. While infrequent, a bird who is already compromised by disease can die suddenly and without warning from the stress of restraint alone. As stated above, the degree of illness may not necessarily be evident. Even routine care can cause overwhelming stress which can cause a bird to die (i.e. wing, beak and nail trims, etc.).

    Unfortunately, there is no good way to diagnose or treat birds without some degree of restraint; this is a risk we must realize when handling birds.
  • I, have read and understand the above information. I realize the risks involved in treating my bird, and hereby give my consent to allow the veterinarians and employees of Middle Creek Veterinary Hospital to restrain, administer medication, perform tests and surgical procedures that they deem necessary for the health of my bird under their care. If the bird should injure itself in an escape attempt, experience stress or die while under their care, I will hold the veterinarians and employees of Middle Creek Veterinary Hospital free of any responsibility and/or liability in the absence of gross negligence.
    **Client’s names will never be shared. If, at any time, you wish to have your pet’s photo or story removed, please alert one of our doctors.